Aluminum & Glass Works

Providing fabrication, installation, and glass services, Proline Aluminum & Glass works is one of the premier companies in the industry. We are known today for providing fast material delivery and for exceeding customer expectations in every project we take on. One of our strengths is our passion for adding value to every step of your project, not just executing it. To execute all our projects to high-quality standards, our employees are highly skilled and experienced. All our employees are committed and dedicated to all types of projects and have full access to the factory area.

Exterior & Interior Painting

There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to transform the exterior of your house! There are several ways to improve the exterior of your home, but painting it is often the most cost-effective option. The professional painters at Proline are ready to assist you at every stage of the painting process, from selecting the right paint color to scheduling the painters, all the way to completing the job flawlessly.

Swimming Pool Construction

We are committed to providing you with outstanding pool construction, repair, and maintenance services. Servicing swimming pools has been our business for over a decade, so we know exactly how to do it. You can rely on our swimming pool technicians to maintain your swimming pool professionally and with proper hygiene. We have an experienced and certified team of pool maintenance specialists.

Waterproofing & Insulation

As waterproofing & Insulation Works specialists in this region, we are equipped with the innovative technologies, well equipped technical expertise. In addition to our extensive knowledge of the subject, we rely heavily on a team of well experienced and highly qualified workers to perform the best job. Our waterproofing service includes roofs, basements, wet areas, Storage Sheds, swimming pools, water tanks, beams, columns, and much more. Since inception, our recruitment and development policies have been stringent, ensuring that clients only deal with professional leaders of the highest caliber throughout their experience with us. Buildings must be equipped with a quality waterproofing system and energy-efficient insulation system to ensure the long-term performance specified in the guarantee period.

Structural Repair

Our expertise lies in repairing, strengthening, revamping, and protecting civil and building structures. We provide bespoke custom-made solutions that deliver innovative, value-engineered for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Examining the situation on site and performing the necessary tests has been shown to be the best method of arriving at the cheapest and most efficient solution in the re-construction of any buildings. We assure you the quality of construction by getting the building in good condition.

Restoration Works

Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality building restoration solutions. Restoration is the action or process of accurately reproducing, as it appeared at a particular era, while preserving its legacy. It is possible to reverse decay and alter buildings or villas by carrying out restoration work. No matter whether you need repairs or restoration services for an apartment, villa, or building, we provide them all. We provide quick repair services, to fit the needs of our clients.

G +1 Construction

We are innovator in offering comprehensive construction services and undertaking Residential and Commercial Projects. Authorized by Dubai Municipality up to G +1 contracting. We have two decades of experience, performing on a wide-ranging project across United Arab Emirates, delivering excellent developments within the notable timeline and caring costs effective construction services. Our team is exceptional in undertaking Residential, commercial complex, hospitality, educational, community centers, retail mall developments and all kind of building restoration projects. We are regularly looking for inventive and ecofriendly way of constructing new builds and multi face projects.