Pest Control

We have successfully assisted thousands of customers who have tried the giants and one-man bands and found them unprepared to handle their needs. No matter what the job is, we approach each job with our trademark quick response and attention to detail and provide perfect service and aftercare to all our customers – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients. Having been in the pest control business for many decades, Proline has developed an excellent reputation. No matter how big or small your pest problem is, Proline can respond quickly and offer the best value for your money wherever you are in the country. Proline covers every aspect of pest control, from bedbug eradication to mice and rodent extermination.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We handle every aspect of your project, from installation to regular cleaning to renovation and maintenance. We understand your vision of creating an area of beauty in your dream home that will last for years to come. In addition to having extensive pool expertise, we also offer a one-stop facility for all your pool needs. Professionalism is an intrinsic part of our work, and we value relationships with customers, contractors, and vendors. Providing superior construction quality, careful attention to detail, and keeping up with the latest design trends and technologies.

Preventive Maintenance

Neglecting building maintenance can lead to building degradation and decay. Eventually, it can have harmful effects and become a threat to the safety of the occupants. This is why property owners turn to professional services for building management and maintenance.
Building maintenance services are our specialty at Proline, as we believe that prevention is always better than cure. The engineers on our team have solid experience implementing preventative maintenance systems, which puts them in a position to ensure that buildings will be disrupted as little as possible in the future.

Inspection & Snagging

Handing over your newly constructed house is a special experience in life. Your smile could turn into a frown if you find any minor defects or “snags” caused by poor equipment or workmanship. If you are faced with this kind of situation, you should itemize the facts and let the Developer know about them immediately. However, that can take a lot of time. Our snagging services include a thorough inspection of your property to ensure it complies with building and quality standards. Specifically, we document all possible defects in quality, omissions, imperfections, and general building flaws, as well as poor workmanship. Afterwards, the new property is thoroughly inspected in every area.

Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm

Proline is known for its excellence in fire protection. Fire safety experts can provide consulting, design, installation, and commissioning services for most environments. We provide turnkey solutions when it comes to fire protection, by supplying, installing, and providing complete, ready-to-operate solutions. We have extensive experience in fire protection, a commitment to research and development, and our staff takes pride in protecting people and property from fire. Initial assessment of your fire risk, design of an effective and affordable solution, installation, testing and commissioning, then the maintenance of the final system are all our services. No matter how big or small, complex, or straightforward your requirements our aims to deliver every time.