Chilled Water Pipeline

Installation & Flushing : The chiller services we offer include chiller repair, chiller maintenance, chiller services, and chiller installation. Because we enjoy our work and do it professionally, our engineers are always ready to take on challenges. The aim of chiller maintenance is to keep the chiller operating at its maximum capacity, just like a brand new one. We repair chillers & maintain them in the best running condition and have thousands of satisfied customers based on our expertise and customer service. At our company, we are committed to providing clients with better services at a lower price. In addition to residential chillers, we can also provide and install industrial chillers. Our service team can maintain your existing chiller if you are having problems. We can help you with a better chiller solution with assurance.

HVAC Works

HVAC maintenance is an essential part of owning an HVAC system. Since these systems are comprised of multiple mechanical and electrical components, as well as the means to connect these components to each other, maintenance is clearly crucial to maintaining the desired level of performance, as well as reducing the cost of heating and cooling repair or retrofit. The HVAC systems at Proline are designed to meet our customers’ needs, and the company would like to assist you in understanding what you should expect regarding the maintenance of those systems.

Electrical LV & ELV

We provide MEP maintenance services through experienced team of engineers, supervisors, and technicians. To achieve customer satisfaction, management skills are combined with this. In addition to timely implementation of quality, reliable services, periodic inspection and auditing of the entire MEP system, and the replacement of broken parts, final calibration of the system will also be provided. Power Generators, LV Panels, Switch Gears, MDBs, SMDBs, DB’s, MCC Panels, Lighting, Cabling, and Switch Gears are all parts of the electrical work.


Plumbing systems that are energy and water-efficient begin with a thoughtful design. Ideally, plumbing fixtures should be placed close together and modern materials should be used. Generally, plumbing designs include two systems: one that supplies water and one that takes away waste. Also, the drain system is equipped with vent stacks, which let the drains breathe and allow sewer waste to move through the sewer system. In addition to planning and designing storm drainage systems, hot and cold-water systems, and sanitary sewer systems, we also review how to coordinate these systems with architects and structural engineers. We have the technical expertise to develop initial design concepts and draft recommendations based on preliminary design data as well as to detail and install plumbing and drainage.